Nouvèl FOKAL

mercredi 4 mai 2011

Martissant : big meeting on scholarships

L.Couet / FOKAL
Saturday April 16th, about three hundred people met in Martissant with the FOKAL team, for information on the scholarship program of the foundation for the neighbourhood. Since 2008, FOKAL has given out 150 scholarships on the basis of excellence in Martissant. The scholarship students, their parents and principals of the ten partnership schools met with FOKAL in the Martissant park.

Under the shade of tarps stretched for the occasion, everyone expressed their thanks but also their expectations to FOKAL. Amongst the most important preoccupations of students and their parents, was university access after completing secondary school. The preoccupation of encouraging students to continue their studies after achieving their secondary studies’ certificate was forefront. Among the equipment those attending thought useful for Martissant were sports fields, computer centres and outdoor spaces that are lit so that children can study once night falls. Mrs. Michèle Pierre Louis, president of FOKAL, took the opportunity of this meeting to announce the eminent construction of a library on the land of the old Katherine Dunham residence, that will offer reading and study spaces and also access to the new information technology.

The assembly also was concerned with the bad image given out by the Martissant neighbourhood, all too often marginalized and considered as a danger zone. This stigmatization is bad for the inhabitants of the neighbourhood and its improvement. Noticing the many problems facing the residents, the weaknesses of the State and the too short term work done by some NGOs, many participants concluded of the necessity of each citizen, to recognise and assume their responsibility for a profound change in behaviours and living conditions.