Nouvèl FOKAL

mercredi 4 mai 2011

The James Germain workshop; an experience to be repeated

The song workshop, financed and organised by FOKAL for ten talented young musicians, was held last April 4th to  8th at the FOKAL-UNESCO hall. The leader of this workshop, James Germain, called on three musicians to accompany him; at the piano François Caleb, at the guitar Junior Dorcélus and at percussion Rodrigue Jean-Batiste. In addition, he elicited the counsel and experience of Michèle Anduse, Jean-Guy Saintus and BélO.

The work sessions, called exchanges by James Germain, were held daily from 9.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. Participants were invited to learn breathing techniques, improvisation, singing with and without a microphone, show preparation, as well as how to work with musicians and develop a complicity with them.

James Germain took time to listen to each and every participant so as to better evaluate their strengths and weaknesses. In this way, each participant was given specific counsel to better his or her performance.

Three other artists visited the participants during the week. Michèle Anduse, singer of haitian origin residing in the United States, stressed the breathing techniques necessary to sing well and put on a good show. She also insisted on the importance of corporal expression and showing emotions through the voice. She, and James Germain, often asked participants to liberate themselves through song. Jean-Guy Saintus and BélO also spent one morning with the participants. Jean-Guy talked about stage presence, while BélO shared his experience with the emerging artists.

« I was touched by this week of workshops. I’m sorry that it is already over. I would have liked that it last longer, we could have learned so much more. Today, I know that I want to have a career in music, it is work that goes far beyond simply knowing to sing », says Evens Orélien. After this experience, James Germain believes that the work done with those youths for a week should continue. He is conscious that the allocated time has permitted him to only begin to guide these young artists: « I thank FOKAL for making possible this week-long workshop for those young people. It is important for artists like myself to share our experiences with those youths who are tomorrow’s artists. It is important that the work doesn’t stop there, as there is so much more to do…».

Last February 8th, the public had a chance to appreciate those young talents who participated in the song workshop, in an acoustic concert. « I had an extraordinary week spent with James Germain, who taught us new techniques to sing better and exchanged with other young people like me…», said Blousena Stéphanie Bigord at Sadrac Charles’ microphone on the Pluriculture cultural show on radio Vision 2000.