Nouvèl FOKAL

mercredi 1 juin 2011

Sale of 100% dried, natural Haitian mangos at FOKAL

Starting on May 12th, all are welcome to buy bags of dried mangos produced in Camp-Perrin by the Association des Producteurs-Vendeurs de Fruits du Sud. These are  guaranteed all natural. No additives or conserving agents are added and the drying is done not by heat but by dehydration which gives the finished product an extraordinary quality.

ORE (Organisation for the rehabilitation of the environment) and ASVEES started those Lamartinière drying workshops in Camp-Perrin in 2006 with the financial help of the European Union (Projet Microréalisation) for the building, equipment, tools and furniture. The aim of this workshop is to encourage the use of standard 2 Francique mangos that are excluded from exportation because of imperfections but used by the Association des Producteurs-Vendeurs de Fruits du Sud (affiliated with ORE since 1999).
The suppliers of fresh fruit are certified fair trade and are in the process of achieving organic certification. The workshop itself will also soon be certified. A 100 gram bag of dried mangos is on sale for 100 gourdes at the FOKAL café.