Nouvèl FOKAL

mercredi 1 juin 2011

Presenting one of FOKAL's scholarship awardees: Lory Giscard Augustin.

In this article we introduce Lory Giscard Augustin, a FOKAL scholarship awardee who is studying computer science at ESIH (Ecole Superieure d'Infotronique d'Haiti).  We will also take this opportunity to remind you of the qualifications to obtain a scholarship from FOKAL.

Lory Giscard Augustin has been a beneficiary of FOKAL's scholarship program since the year 2007.  He distinguishes himself with his general wisdom and his ability to write excellent reports.  When we wanted to know more about him, we learned that he was born in Port-au-Prince in 1988 and lost his father when he was only two.  He is him mother's only child and she has done everything she possibly could to support him and insure that he would receive a good education.  From Kindergarten to the end of schooling in Philo,  he has attended only one school:  Saint Martial Seminary.  That's where he received all the basics that have made him a well educated young man. 

Lory began his computer studies in 2007 at ESIH, but that was not his favorite choice for a program of studies.  He had wished to become a doctor so that he could care for the sick all over Haiti.  He did not make it through the difficult selection process of the medical school of the State University of Haiti.  It was the first time Lory had ever failed and that experience really upset him.  He registered at ESIH (computer college) just to get busy.  ESIH recommended him to FOKAL.  Since he fit the profile and criteria for FOKAL's scholarship program, he received funding and began his studies in computer science. He really came to love these studies.  Today his failure to obtain acceptance at the medical school is behind him.  In the year 2009 he wanted broaden his knowledge and he began a new program in psychology at the social science school of the UEH.

The scholarship from FOKAL helped Lory carry on with his studies more freely.  It helped him concentrate on his studies because he has to maintain a 70 average to keep his scholarship.  It also helped his mother with the financial responsability.   Lory is currently in his last year of computer science, he plans on a masters degree later on.  His report to FOKAl are always well done, following all requirements.

After the earthquake Lory was very shaken.  He moved back to his hometown of Saint Marc with his mother because the capital had become unbearable. Lory thought about getting a job to help his mother considering the difficulty of the situation for most people in Haiti.  After a while, and after a meeting organized by FOKAL for the scholarship recipients, Lory felt better and returned to the university.  That was good new for us at FOKAL.

Today, Lory is in his final year for his bachelor's degree at ESIH.  He is still a holding on to his FOKAL scholarship.  Although he had no father to guide him, he has always been a disciplined and hard-working student because he knows that education is the only weapon he would have to push him forward, to help his mother out of poverty because there is no social safety net in Haiti to help poor people.

FOKAL congratulates Lory and asks him to "hang in there".  We encourage him to maintain his great line of behaviors and to move forward with FOKAL's values:  respect, solidarity, love of country, and service through knowledge.


Fokal offers scholarships to university and vocational school students in Haiti to facilitate post-secondary education for talented youth who do not have the means to attend accredited schools to learn a profession.  This program helps them serve their country with advanced skills.  FOKAL encourages its scholarship students to work in Haiti and for Haiti.  FOKAL does not offer scholarships for undergraduate studies abroad.

FOKAL scholarships are offered to students with these 2 qualifications:  1) High average in secondary school, 7 or above in the last 2 years.  2)  Low ability to pay.    Scholarships are not guaranteed even when both requirements are satified because there is more demand than our budget permits.

For university studies, FoKAL recommends that students attend only institutions recognized by AUF  to guarantee quality of teaching and employability.  For technical schools, we recommend those that have received government recognition:  reconnue d'utilité publique.

In 2010,  51 students were receiving scholarship to attend Haitian institutions.  We also contributed to the HELP scholarship program.  Our total scholarship budget was U$115,809.21.

We have a scholarship program for studies overseas for Masters and Doctoral students.  We do not offer full scholarships but we can offer financial aid to students who receive an incomplete financial package from abroad.