Nouvèl FOKAL

mercredi 1 juin 2011

Libraries : Mobile mini-labs

So as to improve on the free access of information, FOKAL through its Library Program, has undertaken to provide their network libraries with new working tools to better serve to a large public, with logistical equipment. This is how the mobile mini-labs project was launched.

This project kit is made up of 4 portable computers of the Classmate type, they are of a smaller format with a standard capacity and have a 4 working hours autonomy, a bigger portable computer with a 15 inch screen, a projector, a router (which permits the networking of the computers), a complete desktop computer and an office printer. An information session on how to use and network the material is also offered by the company contracted to deliver the kits, Educatech

Those Mobile mini-labs are in answer to repeated requests from the network libraries always trying to better serve their communities. The kits will also fill the lack of documentation in a way that the computers are equipped with a range of software such as encyclopaedias, dictionaries and other tools that favour apprenticeship that cover some subjects taught at high school.

In Mobile mini-labs, «Mini» signifies that the computers are of small size, thus portable except for the desktop and «Mobile» means that because of the lack of space in most libraries, a reading table can be used for a multimedia space for a time and stored when not in use.

The project has already started. Our means don’t permit us to satisfy all libraries at once since only 10 kits can be bought per year. A list of 10 libraries has established for this year according to their performances, of which 4 have already received their kits and very soon 4 more libraries will be receiving their kits.

FOKAL and the Library Program hope in this way to reach the ultimate target which is to favour a better access to information and knowledge, free and fair for all.

Erick Toussaint